The list of participants to the Regional conference on promoting best practices in fighting high-level corruption and on asset recovery.

1.       Mr. Julian ZONJA Prosecutor at Joint Investigative Unit Against Economic Crime and Corruption
2.       Ms. Evelina QIRJAKO Judge at the Supreme Court
3.       Mr. Ergys DINO Head of sector within the Agency for administration of seized and confiscated assets
4.      Ambassador H.E. Mr. Sami SHIBA
5.       Mr. Sead LISAK Director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of the Fight against Corruption
6.       Mr. Sasa SARAJLIC Prosecutor of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption within the Prosecutor Office
7.       Mr. Velimir RASEVIC Head of Department of prevention and detection of financial crime and corruption within the State Investigation and Protection Agency
8.       H.E. Mr. Dusko KOVACEVIC Ambassador
9.       Mr. Dafin MALAMOV Chief secretary of the Centre for Preventing and Countering Corruption and Organized Crime
10.     Ms. Pavlina PANOVA Deputy to the President of the Supreme Court of Cassation and President of the Criminal College at the Supreme Court of Cassation
11.     Ms. Mimi FURNADZHIEVA Judge at the Civil college
12.     Ms. Nevena ARNAUDOVA Senior legal adviser, Commission for Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest
13.    Ambassador H.E. Mr. Aleksandar FILIPOV
14.     Mr. Dinko CVITAN Head of USKOK
15.     Mr. Mladen PEJNOVIĆ Head of the Office for State property management administration
16.     Ms. Dalija OREŠKOVIĆ President of the Commission for the resolution of conflict of interest
17.    Ambassador H.E. Ms. Andrea Gustović ERCEGOVAC
18.     Mr. Shpend DEVAJA Judge at the Supreme Court
19.     Mr. Vladimir SPIRKOSKI President of the Managerial Board of the Agency for Managing With Confiscated Property
20.     Ms. Farije ALIU Member of the State Commission for Preventing Corruption
21.    Ambassador H.E. Mr. Pande LAZAREVSKI
22.     Mr. Lampros TSOGKAS Public prosecutor against corruption
23.     Ms. Ioanna SERAFEIM Advisor at the National Anticorruption Coordinator
24.     Mr. Gavriil MALLIS Presiding magistrate – investigator against corruption Court of first instance Athens
25.     Mr. Nikolaos KARALEKAS Consul
26.     Mr. Corneliu GURIN General Prosecutor
27.     Mr. Eduard HARUNJEN Anticorruption Prosecutor of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office
28.     Mr. Anatolie DONCIU President of the National Integrity Commission
29.     Ms. Cristina ŢĂRNĂ Deputy director of the National Anticorruption Centre
30.     H.E. Mr. Iurie RENIŢĂ Ambassador
31.     Ms. Sabina CERBU Vice-minister of Justice
32.     Ms. Vesna RATKOVIC Director of the Directorate for Anti-corruption Initiative
33.     Ms. Djurdjina Nina IVANOVIC Special Prosecutor, Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office – Special Division for combating organized crime, corruption, terrorism and war crimes
34.     Mr. Slobodan LEKOVIK President of the Commission for prevention of conflict of interest
35.     Ms. Vesna MEDENICA President of the Supreme Court
36.     H.E. Mr. Milan BEGOVIC Ambassador
37.     Mr. Robert Marius CAZANCIUC Minister of Justice
38.     Mr. Titus CORLĂȚEAN Minister of Foreign Affairs
39.     Mrs. Simona-Maya TEODOROIU Secretary of state, Ministry of Justice
40.     Mrs. Elena BUDEȘU Head of minister’s of justice cabinet
41.     Mrs. Alexandra DRAGOMIR Personal counsellor of the minister of justice
42.     Mrs. Aurelia WILLIE Counsellor to the state secretary, Ministry of Justice
43.     Mr. Cornel–Virgiliu CĂLINESCU Head of the National Office for Crime Prevention and for Assets Recovery
44.     Mrs. Alina BARBU Legal counsellor, Ministry of Justice
45.     Mr. Adrian DUMITRU Legal counsellor, Ministry of Justice
46.     Mr. Alexandru ENE Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
47.     Mrs. Ioana BONDARENCU Ministry of Foreign Affairs
48.     Mr. Adrian BORDEA President of the Superior Council of Magistracy
49.     Mr. Gheorghe MUSCALU Vice-president of the Superior Council of Magistracy
50.     Mr. Gheorghe STAN Deputy Chief Inspector, Judicial Inspection
51.     Mr. Tiberiu Mihail NIŢU General Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice
52.     Ms. Laura Codruţa KÖVESI Chief prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate
53.     Mrs. Alina Mihaela BICA Chief prosecutor of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism
54.     Mr. Marius BULANCEA Counsellor of the Chief prosecutor, National Anticorruption Directorate
55.     Mrs. Anca JURMA Chief prosecutor, Service for International Cooperation and Programs, National Anticorruption Directorate
56.     Ms. Mirela POPESCU Judge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice
57.     Mr. Horia GEORGESCU National Integrity Agency
58.     Mr. Radu PUCHIU Secretary of state, Department for On-line Services and Design59.     Mr. Jănică ARION ŢIGĂNAŞU General Director of the Anticorruption General Directorate
60.     Mr. Claudiu Constantin DINU (TBC) Presidential counsellor, Constitutional Legislative Department, Presidential Administration
61.     Mr. Liviu-Bogdan CIUCĂ (TBC) President, Legal Committee, Chamber of Deputies
62.     Mr. Flavius-Antoniu BAIAS (TBC) Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest
63.     Mr. Marian TRUȘCĂ Deputy director, National Institute of Magistracy
64.     Mrs. Laura ȘTEFAN Anticorruption expert, Expert Forum
65.     Mr. Septimius PÂRVU (TBC) Project manager, Expert Forum
66.     Mrs. Elena CALISTRU (TBC) President, Funky Citizens Association
67.     Mr. Cristian GHINEA (TBC) Director, Romanian Centre for European Policies
68.     Mrs. Cristina GUSETH (TBC) Director, Freedom House Romania
69.     Mr. Andrei ȚÂRNEA (TBC) Executive Director, Aspen Institute Romania
70.     Mrs. Anca HARASIM (TBC) Executive director, American Chamber of Commerce in Romania
71.     Mrs. Doina CIOMAG Executive director, Foreign Investors Council
72.     Mr. Mihai BOGZA President of the Foreign Investors Council
73.     Mr. Alin BECHEANU President of the Anti-Fraud Commission, Romanian Banking Association74.     Mrs. Paula LAVRIC Senior Manager, Deloitte
75.     Mr. Alexandru CUMPĂNAȘU Executive Director, Association for the Implementation of Democracy
76.     Mrs. Ana VASILACHE Partners for Local Development Foundation
77.     Mrs. Violeta ALEXANDRU (TBC) Director, Public Policies Institute
78.     Ms. Tatjana BABIĆ Director of the Anti-corruption Agency
79.     Mrs. Aleksandra PAPIC Junior Advisor, Directorate for Management of Seized Assets within the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration
80.     Mr. Janko LAZAREVIC Judge, Supreme Court of Cassation
81.     H.E. Mr. Branko BRANKOVIĆ Ambassador
82.     Mr. Harij FURLAN Head of the Specialized Office of the State Prosecutor for organized crime, terrorism and corruption
83.     Mr. Stanislav PINTAR District State Prosecutor of the Supreme State Prosecutors Office
84.     Mr. Damijan FLORJANCIC Judge at the Supreme Court
85.     H.E. Mrs. Jadranka Šturm KOCJAN Ambassador
86.     Mrs. Elizabeta KIRN Counsellor
87.     H.E. Mr. Ömür ŞÖLENDIL Ambassador
88.     Mr. Ceren UÇAKER First secretary



89.     H.E. Mr. Martin HARRIS British Ambassador
90.     Mrs. Esther BLYTHE Deputy Head of Mission
91.     Mrs. Adelina BRAD Senior Political Officer
92.     Mr. Peter THOMAS Head, Political Team
93.     The Rt Hon Lord Justice Stephen TOMLINSON Lord Justice of Appeal
94.     His Honour Judge Alistair McCreath Senior Circuit Judge
95.     Mrs. Alison Saunders CB Director of Public Prosecutions
96.     Professor Barry Rider Professor of Law, University of Cambridge
97.     Mr. John Patrick MADDAMS Sub-treasurer of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple
98.     Mr. Patrick STEVENS International Director, Crown Prosecution Service
99.     Mr. Nick FOX Head of the NCA Anti-Corruption Unit and Professional Standards National Crime Agency
100.  Mr. Martin MOLLOY Deputy Director of Standards and Security Department National Crime Agency
101.  Mr. Thorsten GEISSLER Director, Rule of Law Program South East Europe, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
102.  Mr. Doru TOMA Program Coordinator, Rule of Law Program South East Europe, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
103.  Mr. Peter RIMMELE Director, KAS Rule of Law Programme Middle East /North Africa
104.  H.E. Mr. Hans Werner LAUK Ambassador
105.  Mr. Johannes Dietrich Head of Legal and Consular Section
106.  Mr. Wolfgang HEMESATH Senior Counsellor, Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA)
107.  Mr. Christoph STRÖTZ Prosecutor General, Bavarian State
108.  Mr. Manfred NÖTZEL Chief Prosecutor, Bavarian State
109.  Mr. Nicolas KACZYNSKI Senior Prosecutor Bavarian State
110.  Mr. Gazmend TURDIU Deputy Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council
111.  Mr. Predrag VUJICIC Expert on Justice and Home Affairs, Regional Cooperation Council


112.  Mr. Radu COTICI Head of RAI Secretariat, Regional Anti-corruption Initiative
113.  Mr. Martin KREUTNER Dean of the International Anticorruption Academy
114.  Mr. Patrick MOULETTE Head of Division, Directorate for Financial and Enterprise affairs, Anti-Corruption Division
115.  Mr. Tim STEELE Senior advisor Anticorruption, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
116.  Mrs. Anca STOICA Romanian ODA Project Manager
117.  Mrs. Elisabetta CAPANNELLI (TBC) Country Manager, World Bank
118.  Mrs. Jacinta ODOUR Sr. Public Sector Specialist, Stolen Asset Recovery (StAR) Initiative
119.  Mrs. Anabela GAGO Head of Unit Organised Crime and Relations with EMCDDA, Directorate-General Home Affairs, European Commission
120.  Mrs. Angela FILOTE (TBC) European Commission
121.  Mrs. Maria ARSENE European Commission



122.  H.E. Mr. Michael SCHWARZINGER Ambassador
123.  Mr. Juergen HEISSEL Minister Counsellor Magistrate
124.  H.E. Mrs. Joanne LEMAY Ambassador
125.  Mrs. Sabina CINGROŠOVÁ Consul
126.  Mr. Jesper TOFTLUND Minister Counsellor
127.  Ms. Sine Mainz Program Officer
128.  Mr. Pasi KOKKENEN Embassy
129.  Mrs. Alina TOTTI Embassy
130.  Mr. Frederic TEILLET (TBC) Embassy
131.  H.E. Mr. Matthijs van Bonzel Ambassador
132. Embassy Mr. Geert-Jan BUISMAN (TBC)
133.  Mrs. Norma NIȚESCU Embassy
134.  Mr. Herman BASKÅR Counsellor, Deputy head of mission
135.  Mrs. Joana KUBICKA First Secretary
136.  Mr. Alexander Peyre DUTREY Secretar I, Embassy
137.  Mr. Marc BRUCHEZ Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy
138.  Mrs. Marisa MAC ISAAC Political Officer, Embassy
139.  Mrs. Maria-Suzana TAPALAGĂ Political Specialist, Embassy
140.  Mrs. Monica CUSTURĂ Embassy
141.  Mr. Sylë HOXHA President of the Basic Court in Prizren
142.  Mr. Emin BEQIRI Director of the Directorate for investigation of economic crimes and corruption
143.  Mr. Shemsi HAZIRI Head of the Special Department for Combating Corruption
144.  Mr. Bashkim HYSENI President of the Basic Court in Ferizaj
145.  Ms. Helen COWLEY Partner, Allen and Overy
146.  Mr. Lucian MIHAI Allen and Overy
147.  Mr. Costin TĂRĂCILĂ Allen and Overy
148.  Ms. Luba MERKER Liaison officer, BKA
149.  Mr. Torsten SCHWARTZ Liaison officer, BKA



150.  Mrs. Anca-Luminița STROE Ministry of Justice
151.  Mrs. Ștefania DUȚĂ Ministry of Justice
152.  Mr. Bogdan GHIORGHIȚĂ Ministry of Justice
153.  Mrs. Camelia STANCIU Intern, Ministry of Justice
154.  Mr. Leonard BRATIANU Ministry of Justice
155.  Mrs. Elena MIHALACHE Ministry of Justice
156.  Mrs. Otilia SIRBU Ministry of Justice
157.  IT Ministry of Justice
158.  Cătălina NEAGU Embassy
159.  Dimitrie MIHES Embassy
160.  Anca DAVIDOIU Embassy
161.  Alina ION Embassy
162.  Raluca BRAGAREA Embassy
163.  Tudor NIMARA Embassy
164.  Alex GROBLACHER Interpreter, KAS
165.  Andreea NEACȘU Interpreter, KAS
166.  Suzana MAURER Program Assistant KAS RLPSEE
167.  Andrei AVRAM Researcher, KAS RLPSEE



171.  Constantin GHIRDA DIACRIS
175.  Cristina HOLLY DIACRIS
177.  Alina Luminița MALAETE DIACRIS